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  • What type of food does Plants On Wheels serve?
    100% Plant-based food.
  • Does Plants On Wheels personally prepare the food that they serve?
    Plants On Wheels personally prepares some of the food they serve. Otherwise, they purchase the food from plant-based vendors to feed people in need.
  • Is there a charge for Plants On Wheels? 
    Plants On Wheels will never charge those in need for the food they serve, whether they make it or purchase it from the vendors.
  • How does Plants On Wheels provide free plant-based food for people in need?
    Plants On Wheels is a nonprofit that relies on donations. Even without donations, Plants On Wheels utilizes its funds to provide hot plant-based food to those in need.
  • Why do Plants On Wheels provide free vegan food to those in need?
    Plants On Wheels believes there's a lack of healthy plant-based food choices for those in need, as those options are typically more expensive than a meat-based diet. Furthermore, studies have consistently proven that plant-based diets are healthier than carnivore ones. We live by the saying, “Eat your food as medicine, or you'll eat medicine for food.” 
  • What type of food do you accept for donations?
    Plants On Wheels excepts any nonperishable or perishable plant-based foods provided the food is not expired.
  • Would Plants On Wheels accept a used vehicle for donation?
    Yes, Plants On Wheels will gladly accept vehicle donations to deliver plant-based food to people in need.
  • What areas will Plants On Wheels predominantly serve plant-based food?
    For now, Plants On Wheels will serve the five boroughs in New York City. We’re planning on becoming a national nonprofit one day.
  • Are donations tax deductible?
    Yes, donations are 100% tax deductible. Please visit our 501 (c)(3) form page to view our 501 (c)(3) IRS letter.
  • Besides the nonprofit, are there any other ventures the founders are working on?
    Larry and Cybill are releasing their debut novel, 2222 The Untold Stories, as an audiobook, paperback, and ebook later this year. 
  • How does sales help donate a meal to someone in need?
    Plants On Wheels will use the profit from the sale of all books and merchandise to feed a plant-based meal to someone in need.
  • Why does Plants On Wheels record their interaction with the people they meet?
    There are many reasons to record interactions with people in need and sometimes not to. Plants On Wheels is genuinely interested in a person's spirit, and hopefully, our interactions capture that. We never use those opportunities to exploit people. We also find that we’re inspired by some of the videos we see, and we’re hopeful that ours will inspire others.
  • Are there any job or volunteer opportunities?
    At the present time, Plants On Wheels is accepting volunteers for content creation, but feel free to send your resume to
  • What if my question is not answered?
    Please feel free to email Larry and Cybill at
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